Pricing at Blind Fire Paintball

Full & Half Day

GAME FEE = £4.99, This includes game fee, full equipment hire*, 8-10 action packed games, insurance, instruction from staff, lunch and 100 free paintballs.    

*Full equipment hire consists of the following: Thermal mask, camouflage overalls, body armour, tactical vest & Tippmann 98 paintball marker.

There are two options for playing at Blind Fire Paintball:

OPTION 1: FULL DAY - Start time of 10:30am (arrival at 10am), games 1-6 to be played before lunch at 1:30pm, remaining games to be played after lunch, finish at 4pm.

OPTION 2: HALF DAY - Start time of 10:30am (arrival at 10am), games 1-6 to be played before lunch at 1:30pm, finish at 1:30pm.

Adult Paintball Prices

100 paintballs = £8
500 paintballs = £35
800 paintballs = £45
1000 paintballs = £60

Average Paintball Use
On average, for a full day paintballing, most people use between 600-800 paintballs, for half a day, between 400-600 paintballs.

Pyrotechnic Prices

Smoke Grenade = £3.50 each or 3 for £9
Flashbang = £3.50 or 3 of £9
Paint Grenade = £5 or 3 for £12
One of each grenade (Smoke, Flash and Paint) = £10


Group Paintball Prices
Organising a game for a group? We can offer competitive packages for the whole group, just let us know your requirements and we will be happy to come up with a unique offer just for your group

Corporate Paintball
Let us know your requirements and we will put together a unique offer for your planned event. Small or large groups welcome. Flexible pricing for groups.

Limited Ammo Games
The price is £37.50, includes 1000 paintballs, 3000psi air fills throughout, lunch included. Bring any marker and hopper you like.

Games will be played in the style of walk on games (one field at a time).

Birthday Party Packages (Ages 11 – 16)

£20 per person fully inclusive of entry fee, equipment hire and a massive 300 paintballs, morning option includes lunch and the afternoon option includes a snack pack per person.
Morning Start Time: 10:30am - 13:30pm (lunch included)

Weekday afternoon's are available with flexible timings.

Please note the minimum number of players for a party package is 12 and a deposit of £10 per person is payable at the time of booking.

Want to Bring Your Own Team?
Let us know your requirements and we can accommodate your requests as best as possible.